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Professor Mo Lei

Mo Lei, Ph.D. supervisor of South China Normal University, has been teaching in South China Normal University since he received a doctorate degree in education in 1982. He was granted the title of professor in December 1993. Professor Mo Lei used to be the dean of psychology department, vice-president and president of Education and Science School at South China Normal University and currently is vice president of South China Normal University.

Professor Mo Lei is an academic leader of state-level key disciplines development and educational psychology. He has been devoting to the study of reading and learning psychology, and his study of reading psychology and learning transfer is on the leading position and has a great impact in China.

Professor Mo Lei has implemented more than twenty key national, provincial and ministerial projects, and six entrusted projects from enterprise and public institution and government departments for over ten years, which included three State Natural Science Foundation projects, one national project of National Education Science “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, one key project of Ministry of Education, one project of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province and one team project of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province.

Professor Mo Lei has won the prize of the second "China Youth Science and Technology Award" (1990) (the event organized together by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Personnel Department and China Association for Science and Technology), the second session of the "Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation Award for Young Teachers in Universities" (1990) , the State Council special allowance in 1993, the title of distinguished young specialists of Guangdong in 1996, Zhujiang scholars in 2000, and of the third “colleges and universities’ outstanding teacher of the Ministry of Education” in September 2007.What’s more, his course “Education Psychology” gained the national exquisite course in 2004.

Professor Mo Lei’s scientific achievements were once awarded two items of Ministry of Education first prize, one of the first provincial prize and three of the second and third provincial prize which have significant influence on domestic academic circles.

  In recent years, Professor Mo Lei has published over 30 academic works, more than 200 research papers, of which 5 were published on the foreign psychology authoritative publication and 34 were published on Acta Psychologica Sinica which is the domestic psychology authoritative publication.

 In personnel training, Professor Mo Lei has cultivated nearly 20 doctor’ and more than 50 master's students, and the doctoral thesis of Dr. Sui-Ping Wang was awarded the National "Top 100 Doctoral Theses" in 2002.

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Center introduction



Research Center for Applied Psychology in South China Normal University approved to be a main humanities researching center of Ministry of Education provincial colleges and universities in 2001, and became the first phase of construction of key base of Guangdong Province (20032005) in 2003. 

The center relies on psychology of excelled discipline in South China Normal University, which obtained Education Psychology doctoral program in 1984, and has always been a provincial level key discipline since 1986. It gained the right of the first-level discipline to award the doctoral degree in 2000. Developmental and Educational Psychology was awarded the national key discipline in 2002, and approved post-doctoral research station in 2003.

  Since 2003 Psychology has introduced one United States post-doctoral, six domestic doctor and postdoctoral. There are fifteen professors, (including twelve doctoral supervisors), ten associate professors at present. There are twenty five teachers with doctorial degree making up 80% of the academic team which has a rational construction and an optimized academic affiliation. As an academic leader, the doctoral tutor, the vice president of Chinese Psychological Society, the specially-appointed professor of Guangdong Province, a member of Committee of Academic Degree under the State Council, Professor Mo Lei has a significant impact on Psychology. Among members of 50, Professor Liu Ming, Professor Zheng Xue, Professor Zhang Jijia, Professor Shen Heyong, Professor Li Xiaojian, Professor Zhang Minqiang, Professor Wen Zhonglin and so forth are influential psychologists at home. For those between 30 to 40 Professor Zheng Xifu, Professor Zhang Wei, Professor Wang Suiping, Professor He Xianyou, Professor Jin Hua etc. are young scholars with a certain influence at home. The research base owns an academic team which has reasonable structure, high academic standards, highly team work spirit, and a certain influence in Psychology.




Psychology Research Center in 2009 academic News

 1,2009 years, April 8, Taiwan's National Central University Professor Qiu Haozheng appointment as visiting professor at South China Normal University. The appointment ceremony was presided over by Professor Zhang Minjiang, Vice-President Mo Lei attended the ceremony. In the morning, Chiu measurement psychology professor and a doctoral student, master's graduate students to undertake discussions to discuss the measurement of the mainstream psychology, status and development. The afternoon, Professor Qiu made a presentation entitled "Advanced statistical methods in psychological applied research in the position and role" of the lecture.
2,2009 years, May 7 sponsored by the National Women's Propaganda Department, Chengdu, China Women's Federation, South China Normal University hosted "Women and the Family emotional care • psychological assistance to" work to promote cum "psychological relief" series of books published activities in Chengdu Library held. Wang Weiguo, China Women's Federation propaganda, the Standing Committee of Chengdu, Bao Hui, Vice President of South China Normal University, psychology experts, Mo Lei, Jiaoke Yuan LIU Ke-Rong, deputy secretary, Professor Zheng Xifu attended the event. This set of "psychological relief" series of books (Jinan University Press), including "Youth Children's Psychological Crisis Intervention Theory and Practice," "post-disaster psychological assistance and activities of primary and secondary school curriculum design" and "psychological crisis intervention training, group psychotherapy themes and Methods "and" psychological relief documentary. "
3,2009 years, the morning of June 15 University of Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame) Professor of Psychology Dr. Yuan Kehai employed as a visiting professor at South China Normal University. Employed by the ceremony, Vice-President Hucin too much to the Yuan Kehai presented letters of appointment. After the ceremony, Yuan Kehai Jiaoke Yuan gave a report on "Fitting data to model: SEM diagnosis using two scatter plots" (fitting data to the model: The two scatter to do structural equation model diagnostics) lectures. Yuan Kehai Applied Statistics in the Social Sciences are the main areas of cutting-edge research, including structural equation modeling, multi-level analysis, item response theory, meta analysis, multi-Bayesian methods. Many of his original approach has been in the popular SEM analysis software EQS achieve, its more than 70 papers published in SCI or SSCI indexes have been.
4,2009 years, the afternoon of September 27, the famous cognitive science and experimental psychologists, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Chen Lin was invited to come to South China Normal University, "New Century Forum" lecture, delivered a speech entitled "Psychological Science irreplaceable subjects Location: From what is known as Brain and Cognitive Sciences talk about "in an academic report. Vice-Chancellor Professor Mo Lei attended the meeting, by the Director of Science and Technology Department, presided over HE Lang Ping, relevant professional teachers, students and more than 200 people attended the forum.
5,2009 9 11, Taiwan's Central University professor and visiting professor at South China Normal University, Haw-Jeng Chiou, associate professor at Soochow University in Taiwan Wen Fu-hsing was invited to South China Normal University Institute of Educational Science, entitled "The Multivariate Statistical Development and Future" Lecture .
6,2009 9 12, Taiwan's "central" South China Normal University professor and visiting professor at Haw-Jeng Chiou, Wen Fu-hsing, associate professor at Soochow University in Taiwan and South China Normal University, Institute of Educational Science Measurement Psychology Ph.D., master's graduate students to undertake a further academic exchanges, and discussed a variety of multivariate statistical methods applied and theoretical problems encountered and resolution, but also in related research on the discussions carried out in cooperation and reached a preliminary consensus.
7,2009 years, October 10-14 South China Normal University Psychology Research Center, is the U.S. Department of Psychology, Tufts University, visited doctoral tutor Professor Wang Suiping should be the University of Illinois Urban-Na - Champaign (UIUC, University of Illinois-Urbana -- Champaign) Department of Psychology Susan Garnsey, and Gary Dell invited two professors visited the department and the Beckman Institute. Respectively Garnsey, Dell, and J. Kathryn Bock, and many other areas of psychological research international language held talks with well-known scholar and academic exchanges, and do, entitled "Semantic and Syntactic Processing during Reading Chinese: Evidence from Multiple Methodologies" academic report on her and the topic group's members in recent years, a series of cognitive domains of language study, the participating teachers and students attracted great interest and lively discussion.
8,2009 10 31, an internationally renowned scientist Psychological Measurement, the Hong Kong Institute of Education Professor Wen-Chung Wang (University of California, Berkeley PhD) in the South China Normal University, College of Education and Science on the "IRT application of the current development trends and directions" a question for academic lectures.
9,2009 years on October 26,27, from South China Normal University, Psychology Research Center, Guangdong Province, organized by Society for Neuroscience, Guangdong Science Association International Exchange Department, Hong Kong, China Vanke Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Technology Co., Life Sciences, Rui Wote company, South China Normal University Social Science Edition co-host of "Neuroscience Seminar" was successfully held in South China Normal University, the Conference invited the United States, Canada, the field of neuroscience in China and some well-known scholars, teachers, representatives of students. Wisconsin University of bio-psycho-director of the Center Dr.Christophere Coe, Professor, Florida Atlantic University Head of the Department of Biomedical Science, Jang-Yen Wu Professor of Psychoneuroimmunology Research, Professor Chairman of Dr.Cai song were the students delivered a speech entitled "The importance of brain-immune relationships for promoting health and understanding illness "," A novel mechanism and therapy for Parkinson's disease with granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) Depression "," The relationship between inflammation and neurotrophic systems in neurodegeneration: the modulation of omega-3-fatty acids EPA "an academic report.
10, the fifth scientific research institutions of higher learning Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) has officially announced the results of the awards, South China Normal University, Vice President, Psychology Research Center, Professor Mo Lei declared monograph, "the text read the information processing process studies - China the text read dual process theory and experiment, "won the first prize, the school achieved the first prize in the award of zero breakthrough.
11,2009 11 17, South China Normal University, Psychology Research Center, Professor Jin Hua and Qu Chen teachers for our students to do the knowledge on the ERP entry and data processing of academic lectures.
12,2009 years, November 18, deputy editor of People's Education Publishing House, Ministry of Education in primary and secondary education system, secretary general of the Mental Health Dr. Wei Yunhua invited to South China Normal University Education Academy of Sciences, entitled "Self-Esteem Psychological Development and Education," Academic lecture.
13,2009 11 23, Southwestern University, School of Psychology Dean of Cheung Kong Scholars, the State Council disciplinary assessment team members should be invited to Professor Li Hong Institute of Educational Science, South China Normal made a presentation entitled, "Negative Effects of emotional valence and differences in research "academic report.
14,2009 years, the afternoon of November 27, South China Normal University, Psychology Research Center, Sun Yat-Sen invited to the social and cultural and Mental Health Research Center Dr. Li Xinyao to do a paper entitled "Psychology of qualitative research" academic report.
15,2009-year in November, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee informed of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee Convenor of the sixth academic evaluation results of the elections, South China Normal University, was elected as Vice-Chancellor Professor Mo Lei Psychology Review Group Convenor. The selection in accordance with the relevant electoral process, through the various disciplines recommendation, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee Convenor of the candidates put forward and, through evaluation of various subjects Convenor of the candidates by secret ballot vote, resulting in the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the Sixth Review Group convened by subject the list.
16,2009 12 7, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, South China Normal University, Professor Zhang Lei invited to Institute of Educational Science, entitled "the war from a psychological point of view of human origins," an academic report.
17,2009-year in December, the Ministry of Education Humanities and social sciences key research base for the project, the Ministry of Education funded projects the latter part of philosophy and social sciences, humanities and social sciences special task of the Ministry of Education review the results of the project have revealed, South China Normal University, Psychology Research Center, Professor Zhang Minjiang "modern measurement theory measurement error estimation and improvement approach" by legislation of Ministry of humanities and social sciences key research base for the project; Professor Zhang Wei's "Youth aggression and violence research" by the Ministry of Education legislation later philosophy and social sciences funded projects.


Professor Mo Lei my school won the first prize for outstanding achievements of the Ministry of Education and attended the awards ceremony


    December 30, 2009 the afternoon of the fifth scientific research institutions of higher learning Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) award ceremony held at the Great Hall of the Musikverein. The CPC Central Committee, State Councilor Liu Yandong made an important speech and presented awards. Meeting was chaired by Vice Minister of Education, presided over Chen Xi, deputy secretary of the Party Group. Vice Minister of Education Li Weihong read the award decision.

The Ministry of Education established "institutions of higher learning Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award", is currently the Humanities and Social Sciences of China's highest scientific research award, on behalf of the humanities and social sciences research results of China's highest level. Awards were selected by this type of results which awards 648. Among them, 38 first prize, second prize 205, third prize 392, the results popularity awards 13. I won the first prize in a school, respectively, one second prize, third prize three, as well as a popular prize.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Mo Lei my school as the first prize winners as well as our award-winning South China Normal University representatives attended the awards ceremony. Professor Mo Lei led the Task Force co-written by "text to read information processing process studies - our text-reading dual process theory and experiment," a book of more than 90 million characters, mainly the Western text-reading theory and experiment study of a comprehensive and systematic summary of analysis and combing expounded the "text-reading dual-processing theory," an important perspectives and theoretical system, the construction of the Western text-reading theory, at least assume that theory and the theory of memory based text processing integrated to show workers in China Psychology the text reading information tracking processing the forefront of research to achieve important results and theoretical innovation has important academic value. Professor Mo Lei The award-winning school, I realized the Ministry of Education, institutions of higher learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award first prize zero breakthrough for me, the school won the honor.


Psychology Research Center, the team from the United States Youth Research Institute Fund


Psychology Research Center, Professor Fan Fangfu and led the team to be graduate students, "the United States Youth Research Society" (Society of Research on Adolescence, SRA) funding, and invited the United States in March 2010 held in Philadelphia to participate in academic exchanges (SRA Biennial Meeting).

SRA in the young field of study enjoys a high international reputation, staging Journal of Research on Adolescence high impact factor SCI / SSCI journals. SRA International Scholars Fund for each full funding of 8-10 young scholars to participate in academic exchanges, and its arrangements for international leading scholars, as a research mentor. The Professor Fan Fangfu team are three graduate students (Yanagitake-mei, Zheng bath hung, Cui Miaomiao) were of the Fund.

Fan Fang my school teachers, right after the earthquake in Sichuan high-risk adolescent mental health screening and follow-up study population attracted the attention of scholars in this field, the United States will young people of post-traumatic etiology of psychological problems and psychological health and wound healing and other exchanges with international counterparts.